Video Killed the Radio Star

Another update has bjork’d the plugins beyond repair. This is too huge of a pain in the ass. I can’t find the logic in paying a monthly fee to do this much work. Donations will get her back online, but I can’t afford it, otherwise.

Happy Travels.

Another Update…

Sooo… I don’t know if the plugins are going to shit blood or not. The patch I dloaded for my client was 137mb. Seems rather large compared to the last one. At first glance, it looks like they tried to improve the server browser, but none of the servers I join show up in my History tab afterwards. I updated the server while I was updating my client. It seemed to run a lengthy process when I ran the Steam update, but it doesn’t really tell you what it’s doing. I can’t tell if the versions are the same, but the server isn’t showing up in any of the server tabs. For now, I’m using net.connect to connect from the console (press F1).

Like I said…

Don’t get used to the plugins. These break every time Rust releases an update. These plugins are written by 15 year olds who have to practice their band instruments and can’t devote 20 hours a day to coding teleport commands for us.

We’re back to Rust++ for now because they’re the only folks who have released an update since the update. There’s something wrong with sleepers so I turned it off. I’m also experiencing weird issues with items I place in the world disappearing a few minutes later. Only items I’ve placed on strange surfaces have done this. Keep your eyes peeled, I lost 4 boxes of extremely hard-to-replace shit.


Another Rust update… weeeeeeeeeee. I don’t know if this one broke the Essentials plugin or not. I’m rather scared to update the server. I saw Oxide is bjork’d. I think I’ll sit and wait a moment before pushing the big, shiny, red button.

On another note, I noticed most of the larger pop servers have sleepers turned on. I’m not a fan of sleepers at all, but then again I’m not  a fan of raiding, either… (maybe I don’t like this game at all?). Sleepers will be ON after this next update. We need more people to shoot in the face.

EDIT: The update broke either the Leather Loader or Essentials. It’ll be vanilla for now until they update it unless I decide to turn it off until then. It feels rather naked without the stuff.

Just My Luck?

After getting Rust Essentials all tweaked out and the server wiped and ready to rock… I leave to get more Monster… Gone like 15 minutes…Rust released a core patch…. Zombies are gone… Loot tables totally redone… mods totally fucked and not working at all…

I don’t have the patience for this. I don’t know if I’ll have the server up while everything is vanilla or not. The forums are telling us it might be this weekend before they get the mods fixed. I know they have a fire lit under their ass, so maybe it’ll be sooner.


Server Upgrades

I got an email from my GSP (Game Server Provider) telling me about some server upgrades they were going to be doing this week…

Over the next few hours and days we’re beginning the process of upgrading our core network and main services that run off it. These services encompass our Web Servers, DNS Servers, Mail Servers, MYSQL servers and TeamSpeak servers. During the upgrade process you may see some of our services become slow or timeout. We will do everything possible to ensure this is kept to a minimum. This will allow us to improve the service we offer to  our customers along with a new wide range of products and services.

We’ll do our best to stagger the servers we take offline so we don’t just turn off and disappear, Please note this will not affect your game server – it will continue to run, the game control panel which you would use to start/stop and update however will have some small outages.

It clearly affected the game server, but hopefully it’ll be better when the smoke clears. Be patient, it’s not a shitty server. I was just unlucky to start a new one when they were migrating services.


I’m struggling with whether or not to have C4/F1 activity on the server.

I’m not a big fan of raiding. It seems cowardly to blow someone’s door down while they’re offline and steal all the shit that they spent the last 2 weeks farming. Now, if you could only attack a house that was occupied… I could get into that kind of challenge.

Here’s the rub. We had Explosive Charges and Explosives for the first few days the server was up, so there are some people that know how to craft it and some who are quite possibly still in possession of it. The only real way to ensure that there are no more explosives or people who can make them is to wipe the server.

It really hasn’t been up for that long. I can’t imagine anyone has more real estate to lose than myself. I’ve got multiple structures littered across the island as well as some public/architectural structures that took far too long to build. Losing the crafting patterns will hit the hardest, but it will also give us something to do as I’ve heard a few complaining of boredom after learning all the stuff.

To ease the pain, I’ve created a Building Kit that I can give out to folks that were here before the wipe who might have lost a house and all the stuff in it. It’s a kit to build a 2 story, 9 foundation, wood structure.

I’m very anxious to get crackin’ again, so expect the wipe very soon. Comment below if you feel the need.

Oxide Vs. Rust++ Vs. Rust Essentials

I have mostly been using Oxide, so I might be a bit biased.

Rust++ looked promising, but I was having trouble with the Limited Sleepers activation. That could’ve been a server provider issue. Rust essentials was amazingly smooth as far as integration and intuitive text menus. It just didn’t have enough options. I think Oxide has more out there because more people are developing for the platform, but that also comes with confusing command differences and glitches abound.

We’re going back with Oxide for now, but we’ll keep testing.


Admin Perch

Admin Perch

The RUST server is up and runnin’. We are using the Oxide plugin platform. Check out the Plugin page for specifics. Things change by the hour, plugins are updated, left un-updated or sometimes totally removed or abandoned. Don’t get too used to any one “extra” because it may not be there tomorrow. There are some excellent developers working on this shit, though, and new stuff comes out all the time. We’ll be testing the more interesting plugins as they become available. Come get shot in the face have a ball.

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